Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: SkinnyGrape Sangria Sizzler Spritzer

Okay, so it looks like summer is finally here. Maybe not officially-- but with temperatures above 30 degrees celsius, it sure feels like it. With the warmer weather, wine spritzers are a popular way to keep cool.

SkinnyGrape, known for their low-calorie wine offerings, has released a new flavour of low-calorie wine spritzer. Sangria Sizzler features flavours of apple, orange, and citrus, the common fruity additions to a pitcher of sangria. Like the other flavours, each 330ml bottle has 90 calories and is naturally sweetened with stevia.

I will say that Peach Mango remains my favourite flavour in these spritzers. The Sangria Sizzler has more of a wine taste to it, which makes sense given that it's sangria-flavoured. My thing is...if I wanted something sangria, I would make sangria. Just my 2 cents!

SkinnyGrape Spritzers come in packs of 4 and retail for $9.95 at Wine Shops across Ontario.

Happy spritzer season!

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